About Industrial Weighbridge Software

        Imagic Solution provides Industrial Weighbridge Software for small, medium and large size industrial weighbridge software, It will manage Inward, Dispatch and Internal Good Transfer.

        Connect all weighbridge in same premises with server computer, so we can weighment anywhere Gross/ Tare because all weighbridge generate unique Ticket No.

        This weighbridge Solution use for large size industries like Cement plant, OIL Plant, Steel Manufacturer plant, Sugar Plant etc.

        Dispatch Check Point :- Also we can integrate CCTV Camera with weighbridge Software and put on Dispatch Gate Check Point for goods check and dispatch. on gate the gate keeper will check all photo for that ticket no and then allow to dispatch.


  • Dispatch goods
  • Inward goods
  • Internal Transfer goods

  • RFID Gate Inward Entry System
  • RFID Gate Dispatch system
  • RFID Internal Transfer system

  • CCTV Integrated System