Visitor Management Software

        The Visitor Management Software provide by Imagic Solution is Very Useful and Suitable for All small and big size Industries, also Corporate Industries, Visitor Management software is easy to Install and Operate by Security person, its provide many useful reports to use an emergency time in Industries. Its manage Visitor Gate Pass with RFID, Fingerprint, Webcam photo, Barcode etc. using with various latest hardware with this system can improve process speed, also it generate Visitor Gate Pass, Trainee Gate Pass, Contractor Gate Pass, Worker Gate Pass etc...

    • Improves efficiency of the visitor Gate Pass In and Out Process
    • Visitors Verification make Effective
    • Visitor Categorization
    • Control over visitor movements
    • Control Restricted and Black listed visitors accessibility

Key Features :

  • Secured , Simple, Easy to operate, affordable, most Effective and Efficient way of Managing / Monitoring of VISITORS
  • One click to Install and Configure software
  • Year Wise Gate Pass Data Splitting
  • Easy to use and learning operation by Security Person
  • Windows based with fully Keyboard operated so improve process speed.
  • Client / Server Architecture and Based Reporting on Head office.
  • Compatible with Vista, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10.
  • Multi user facility
  • Capture Visitor Photo from Web cam.


  • Visitor Pre-Registration
  • User customizable Visitor Pass format
  • Appointment Scheduling and reporting
  • Export reports to various formats. Excel, PDF, etc
  • Generate Visitor Gate Pass
  • Generate Trainee Gate Pass with day and period wise pass
  • Generate Contractor Gate Pass with day and period wise pass
  • Generate Worker Gate Pass with day and period wise pass
  • Same day gate pass In Out in with single click reentry on gate

VMS Reporting :

  • Number of visitor on premises
  • Number of visitor visited report with date wise, week wise, month wise, year wise
  • Number of visitor visited to department wise
  • Number of visitor visited to employee wise
  • Unique visitor visited list


  • One click Current Status of Visitor
  • Visitor Visited List
  • Trainee Visited List
  • Contractor Visited List
  • Worker Visited List

Visitor Management Software - Image Gallery

  • Visitor Gatepass Entry
    Touch and Swipe
  • Renew Visitor Gatepass, Visitor Gatepass with photo
    Touch and Swipe
  • Visitor gatepass status deskboard
    Touch and Swipe
  • Generate : Visitor Gatepass, Traini Gatepass, Contractor Gatepass, Driver Gatepass
    Touch and Swipe