About Weighbridge E-Monitoring System

  • Imagic Solution Provide weighbridge e-monitoring system or Weighbridge E-Reporting system with many different type of Accessories like CCTV Photo Capturing on Weighbridge Weighment Time, SMS Sending on Weighbridge Weighment, Email Sending on Weighbridge Weighment.

  •         System provide best solution as per customer require with weighbridge E-Monitoring System like

  • CCTV Camera Integration.
  • SMS Send on Every Weighment
  • Email Send on Every Weighment
  • Send WhatsApp Message on Customer Mobile from Weighbridge Software
  • RFID Tag Integration
  • Barrier Integration
  • Integrate with other software like SAP, Oracle, ERP

Key Features :

  • CCTV Camera Integration with Software, As per client require 1, 2,3, 4.
  • SMS & Email Sending as per customer requirement, every weighment or per day one Excel/CSV/Text file email

Advantages :

  • Check vehicle photo after weighment. System Provide Photo Viewer Facility.
  • Remove manual operator mistake.
  • Fast throughput for busy weighbridges
  • Fully integrate solution into you Back Office Systems like SAP, Oracle, ERP.
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer with RFID TAG
  • The same radio card is used by the Driver at the tare weighbridge as at gross.
  • We provide E-Monitoring Systems / Photo Capturing System. It is highly beneficial and very much useful to most of the industries.