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Imagic Solution Provide Total Software Solution Like Weighing Software, Weighbridge Software, Public Weighbridge Software, Unmanned Weighbridge, Website Development, Salon Software, Payroll software, CRM Software, Sale & Service Software, Weighing Automation, Hotel Management Software, Visitor Management Software, Inventory Management software

Release Version of Weighbridge Software 6.15, which is Included CCTV, Email, SMS and many More Feature....

Feature Plan.
=> Open New Company Monil Automation and Release New Website for

=> Release New "Hotel Management Software"

=> Release New "Visitor Management Software"

=> Development and RND For Microcontroller programming & Weighing Automation.

Weighbridge CCTV Software
Vehicle Photo Capturing on Weighment Time

        System provide solution for Vehicle Photo Capture at Weighment time and Save on HDD. also System Provide Photo Viewer Facility, so we can check leter one that photo, also System Store photo with this detail like - Ticket No / Date / Time / Entry Type (First/Scond). so we esilly find out vehicle photo for perticuler Tiket No.

WE Integrate Our Weighbridge CCTV Software With Bellow Accessories
=> IP Based DVR with Upto 4 Camera
=> Analog Camera
=> IP Camera with good snap resolution.

System provide best solution as per customer require with weighbridge like,
=> CTV Camera Integration,
=> RFID Tag integration,
=> Barrier Integration
=> Sound Instruction integration
=> Barcode Label Integration
=> Integrate with other software like SAP, Oracle, ERP.

Download : Weighbridge CCTV Catalog

vehicle photo capture in weighment time, Unmanned Weighbridge System

        Products Unattended Weighbridge - provide weighment time photo capture. and print with slip. Read more: article

        The Unmanned Weighbridge System is a standalone system which allows 24 hours 7 days a week weighing operations without the need of operator. Due to the system's easy interface it is totally operated by the truck driver. Moreover Imagic Solution custom designs the system to suit the specific requirements of your operations..

Release New Software For POS Barcode Label Printing, Hotel Management Software, Visitor Management Software.......

Key Features :-

  • CCTV Camera Integration with Software, As per client require 1, 2,3, 4.
  • Unmanned Weighbridge Software,
  • Robust and weather-proof stainless steel cabinet for added protection with optional climate control.
  • Vehicle Postion system with detection Loops or Photocells - to automatically detect vehicles and transfer of details.
  • Traffic Lights Signal- for safe operation

Advantages :-

  • check vehicle photo after weighment. System Provide Photo Viewer Facility.
  • remove manual operator mistake.
  • Fast throughput for busy weighbridges
  • Fully integratable solution into you Back Office Systems like SAP, Oracle, ERP.
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer with RFID TAG
  • The same radio card is used by the Driver at the tare weighbridge as at gross.

vehicle photo capture in weighment time, Weighbridge CCTV Secutiry